Supreme Fighter, Biddulph – 27th Feb 2016

Action packed card from Biddulph featuring Luke Perry, Jo Howwarthy, Zliatlka, Shel Rigby, Dale Thompson, matt Wood, James Harriot, James Morecroft, Vicky Edwards, Deb Mulloch, Kerow Clews, Danny Asby, Niath Dean, Dec Bridgem Owen Joburn, Brandon Morgan, Felix Royson, Reice Smith, Danny Key, Charlie Davis, Melony Houiton, Abby Hamlet, Sam White, Craig Bloor, Brandon Kewt, Sam Dark, Ryan Mills, Lian Martain, Shaun Smith, Tom Bloor, Rashan Edlington, Connor Davies, Ben Mountford, Will Cairns, Sam Coulson, Tom Currie, Craig Spillige, Jo Mciavey, Ash Wilson, Aiden Williams, Dave Cooper, Wojtek Krzus
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