Supreme Fighter, 8th Oct 2016, Biddulph

Action packed England v Wales show at Biddulph featuring Zac Distant, Dean Jones, Luke Perry, Dave Mills, Matt Cooke, Alex Bojko, Kelly Seabridge, Nattalie Lowe, Cody Whitehouse, Nathan Leavery, Ben Chatterly, Scott Marry, Ryan Mills, John Sellers, Mike Stokes, Liam Davis, Alex Wasntrough, Birdman, Miffo, Ben Haddon, Bryn Jones, Artur Bromowicz, Peter Salami, Rhasian Earlington, Jimmy Hawke, James Harriott, Mark Sweetman, Baz, Paul Peers, Cruz, Joe Roberts, Mitch Haywood, Ryan Macmillan, Mark Rowley, Allan Evans
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