Cash Fighter – Queens Theatre, Burslem 9th Aug 2014

Action packed title show from the Queens Theatre, Burslem. Featuring Ade Parker, David Allen, Sam Barker, Adam Nichols, Rich Baddley, Scott Darbishire, Tom Tynan, Ben Terry, Azz Casson, Leo James, James Darks, Karsten Lenjoint, Dale Thompson, Adam Vern, Gan Gan, Jake the Snake, Alex Bojko, Rich Wood, Corey Jackson, Jamie Gielder, Dempsey Murry, Paul Haines, Tim Sobers, Add Tiao, Dwayne Allen, Ross Landridge, Joe Rogers, Simen Morrell, Kris Hanks, Jay Parkin, Paddy Reiney, Frazier, Nathan Russo, Paul Peers, Gaz Holcroft, James Harriot, Frank Collins, Danny Simms, Andrew Townley, Liam Crawley, Lloyd Parry, Martin Waplington.
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