Cash Fighter Feb 2014

Boxing Action from the Supreme Fighter promotions at Queens Theatre, Burslem 15th Feb 2014. Featuring Maria Graham, Rosin Sweeney, Tom Murry, Adam Vernon, Reece Street, Russel Cartlidge, Adam Carrier, Luke Yates, Alex Bojko, Sam Moyeux, Ralim, Jack McCormach, Garerth Holdcroft, Danie Coyne, Corey Jackson, Craig Liptrot, Will Shone, Ben Hougol, Kris Hanks, Will Carins, Lee Ridgeway, Danny Payne, James Young, Jamie Muy, Alex Johnson, Martyn Waplington, Adam Bates, Tegan Holt, Dale Flett, Liam Crawley, Mark Rowley, Joseph Sherratt, Matt Gordon, Dean Brook with music provided by the band "The Rivalry"
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